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MOC-91433 1:110 Energia Buran building blocks kit with compatible bricks

Part count: 3844 bricks
Dimensions: 23.2 x 21 x 53.6 cm
Weight: 2.21 kg

tem No: C7825
Material: ABS Plastic
Free replacement of any missing/damaged parts
Wholesale please contact us

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This model was designed by SkySaac



Energia was a 1980s super-heavy lift launch vehicle. It was designed by NPO Energia of the Soviet Union as part of the Buran program for a variety of payloads including the Buran spacecraft. Control system main developer enterprise was the Khartron NPO "Electropribor". The Energia used four strap-on boosters each powered by a four-chamber RD-170 engine burning kerosene/LOX, and a central core stage with four single-chamber RD-0120 (11D122) engines fueled by liquid hydrogen/LOX.

The launch vehicle had two functionally different operational variants: Energia-Polyus, the initial test configuration, in which the Polyus system was used as a final stage intended to put the payload into orbit, and Energia-Buran, in which the Buran orbiter was the payload and the source of the orbit insertion impulse.


All parts are quality checked before shipping, so if you find any parts missing or damaged, don't worry. Please contact us and we will send them to you immediately free of charge.

The package will be shipped within 24~48 hours if it's in stock, thanks for your support.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns: [email protected]

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MOC-91433 1:110 Energia Buran building blocks kit with compatible bricks

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