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MOC-37719 Modular Train Station

Part count: 12597 bricks, 579 lots
Dimensions: 77 x 51 x 68 cm
Weight: 9.42 kg

As low as $755.94 was $804.19
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This model was designed by Das_FelixleMihe Stonee


This Kit Contains:

12597 PCS good quality bricks 

Product volume: 77 x 51 x 68cm




1.It's divided in several sub-models according to the buildings floors.

2.The Model is extremely complex so it may spend many time to build it.

3.Exercising your ability of using hands and brain,developing intelligence.

4.Promote imagination,cultivate hand and eye coordination skills.


The Train Station consists of approximately 12597pcs pcs, depending on whether you decide to build the canopy above the platforms. It measures approximately 77x51x68cm.



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MOC-37719 Modular Train Station

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