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MOC-49130 Modular School

Part count =14412 bricks,554 lots
Dimensions: 77x30x40 CM
Weight: 9.71kg

Special Price $507.30 was $539.68
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This model was designed by peedeejay


The build spans among 3 baseplates and consists of 10 modules. The baseplates can be separated from each other for easy transportation. The complete model weighs about 9.71kg and has 14417 parts.
The front part contains the main entrance, some trees and a bus stop.

The roof areas contain the ventilation units, photovoltaics and the clock.

The ground floor contains the main entrance hall with washrooms for boys and girls.

The right wing of the ground floor contains a standard classroom for maths and literature.

The left wing of the ground floor contains the music classroom, featuring a piano, drums and some other instruments.

The middle floor contains a cafeteria, where the students can get a quick bite and some refreshments.

The left wing of the middle floor contains an IT-classroom and it seems the students are well stocked on mobile devices.

The right wing of the middle floor contains the science classroom. At the moment some experiments are ongoing in the chemistry class.

The upper floor contains the library.

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MOC-49130 Modular School

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