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MOC-57856 Battlestar Galactica - UCS Scale

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Part count: 3498 bricks, 316 lots
Dimensions: 51 x 18 x 24 cm
Weight: 2.38 kg
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Known alternately as ??he Grand Old Lady??or ??he Bucket?? the Battlestar Galactica was one of the original fleet of 12 Battlestars (one for each of the Colonies) commissioned during the first Cylon war, and was the last of her kind still in service at the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

After over 50 years of distinguished service, the Galactica was spared from decommissioning to be converted into a museum, However, it was during the opening ceremony that this barely operational but still fearsome relic of a prior war was brought back into service in response to the attack at the start of the second Cylon war.



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MOC-57856 Battlestar Galactica - UCS Scale

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