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MOC is an acronym for My Own Creation, which Is basically a fan-made brick model. Vonado revolutionizes the MOC scene by allowing builders to monetize their hobby, and buyers to acquire cool, awesome and unique creations.We simplify the experience by providing top-notch support for builders, and a seamless shopping experience for buyers Vonado creations you wouldn't find In other stores

1) Browse the coolest MOCs on the market.

You can filter by theme, size, difficulty level etc.

2) Buy your favorite MOC with lust one click

lt's a fast and easy way to get the MOC you want while also supporting your favorite builder

3) 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Pay through PayPal and en}oy its full buyer's protection coverage.

If you're not fully satisfied with your order,  just send It back to us and we'll refund the full purchase price with no strings attached.

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